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Mobile Darkroom Project (ongoing project)

Mobile Darkroom Project is a photographic project aiming to take 19th century wet collodion photography out of the studio and on the road. I will bring an unwieldy giant field camera and a darkroom in a horse trailer to my encounters with people making wet collodion portraits on location.

Today there are cameras everywhere and pictures are taken all the time, even without anybody noticing. In comparison, the very slow and complex wet collodion process and the whole photographing situation are somewhat different. The act of photographing is a performance per se. By working with this slow technique and cumbersome equipment I deliberately act against the fast rhythm and the rush typical to our times. The digitalized and mediated contemporary culture demands on-line status at all times – being everywhere at once, yet nowhere really present. In this environment the 19th century process gets new meanings – the slowness of it becomes part of the message of the images. I find the visible chemical layer that the process leaves on the surface of each image most fascinating. The layer often challenges the very idea of a good photograph – a flawless image – yet at the same time gives the collodion positive its specific and characteristic appearance.

More about the project in Facebook.


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