Polvijärvi 2014 at Oulu City Theatre 14.8.-21.9.2014

Posters of portraits from Polvijärvi will be exhibited at Oulu City Theatre 14.8.-21.9.2014. Polvijärvi 2014 series was a pilot project for an upcoming extensive wet-plate portrait mission. The mission is to take wet-plate photography into small villages with less than fivethousand inhabitants in three following years. Project starts in the summer of 2015 in Nort Karelia with Encounter: Kinahmo. The project highlights often ignored areas and people bringing into limelight the amazing indivuduals and communities.

Wet-plate collodion images are contrary to the busy and superficial time we live in. In a way they are out of rhytm with the modern time. The images challenge the person being photographed as well as the photographer and the viewer to stop and face the self and the other.

















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