Vaasa Art Gallery 5.12.2015-24.1.2016

Mirrors_&_CracksWe have build Mirrors and Cracks exhibition together with artist and professor Eija Timonen. The exhibition processes the different forms and levels of observation and perception. The abstract works and landscapes lead to dreamlike interpretations of the experienced artefacts. In the same time the clear connections to familiar visual elements challenge the way we are used to looking at them in our everyday life. The works play with the categories of huge and minute, distant and close, familiar and unfamiliar, consciousness and unconsciousness, real and imaginary. In the exhibition the familiar and strange are intertwined, like light and shadow. A landscape that at first glance looks nice and cozy, suddenly changes its character in closer perception. The repetitive forms of nature in the works have a resemblance to the famous Rosarch test, where it is up to the viewer what is to be seen.

The exhibition will view in Vaasa Art Gallery from 5th of December till 24th of January. Among other recent works the exhibition will deput new images from my Reflection series done during 2015.

matera_leinonen_0311150207_ copy

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